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Geothermal—Saving You Money and Saving the Environment Too



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Geothermal heating and air conditioning will give you lower heating and cooling bills than any other option. Depending on the existing system to which it is compared a geothermal system will use between 30 to 70% less energy.

According to the EPA, a geothermal system is the most environmentally responsible heating and cooling alternative available today. In fact, installing a geothermal system is like planting 750 trees, or taking two cars off the road.

Geothermal heating and air conditioning is truly an elegant solution to reducing energy use and cost as well as the environmental impact of your home. Our EarthLinked® geothermal system happens to be a state-of-the-art system that is the most effective solution you will find.

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Why Geothermal?

  • Very low cost of operation—savings of up to 70%
  • Extremely low maintenance for life of the unit
  • Twice the life of ordinary furnaces
  • Geothermal literally pays for itself
  • Affordable comfort in your home
  • Will increase the value of your home
  • Permanently reduces your energy consumption
  • Most environmentally responsible solution
  • No combustion, no greenhouse gases
  • Geothermal is an unlimited energy source

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