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Geothermal HVAC—The Best Thing You Can Do For Clients

Partner With Us

If you haven't spec'd out sustainable energy solutions before in general or geothermal in particular, you're not alone. We at Build by Design are a full-service solutions provider for geothermal heating and air conditioning. We can help with load calculations and design integration; in fact we welcome it, because it is good for our business to make sure installations work as designed. Our product is also a complete, turn-key package from the earth loop installation to the ducting.

Guidance to Ensure Success

Call us in early in the process to make sure you get the best results. Each installation has its own challenges, particularly around the areas of manifold placement and field location, as well as sizing and ducting design. We welcome you to involve us in the following areas as it will smooth out the journey for you and your client:

Site Analysis: Each site is unique and bears a unique analysis. You'll read later on about the scope of our analysis, but suffice it to say that we'll make sure your client doesn't suffer from an improper installation.

Permit Process: As geothermal direct-exchange technology becomes more widely accepted and understood the need for this part of the process will diminish. For today, many regulating organizations have yet to address building codes and permit processes for leading edge technology (even established leading-edge technology like ours.) We have a 100% success rate in acquiring permits for geothermal installations. In fact, once planners understand what we're doing they're quite enthusiastic. But it does take some education, and we can do that for you.

Green Technology and Building: Build by Design has been involved in the evaluation, integration and installation of sustainable energy technology for nearly 30 years. We are not new to the game, and we understand how different technologies can work together. We can also help you conform to green building guidelines and acquire certifications for the finished installation from appropriate organizations to certify your finished product as compliant with green building technology—a significant value-add for your client.

Best Technology

You'll find a thorough description of our technology below, but suffice it to say for now we have found—after thorough investigation—that EarthLinked® technology has significant advantages over other DX geothermal systems, and that DX systems have significant advantages over water-based systems, particularly in residential and smaller commercial applications. Our systems are more efficient, easier to install, have fewer working parts to break and last longer.

Best Installation / Highest Satisfaction

EarthLinked® dealers must go through an extensive training process in order to represent the product. They must be licensed and experienced in HVAC systems. They must pass a rigorous test to make sure they understand how to properly size and design an installation for each particular application, and choose the proper system capacity and installation option. Technical study is enhanced by actual field training. Training and reference materials are thorough and have been meticulously prepared. We understand that one bad installation hurts everyone involved, so we don't take any chances.

We do after-installation surveys to make sure each system is performing to its maximum capacity. Satisfied customers are our primary source of new business.

It is important to note that this is not new technology you are recommending. In fact there is no new technology needed for this system. The technology involved in heating or cooling your clients' homes through geothermal is over 100 years old. And the first geothermal systems using "modern" technology were installed in the 1940's.1 Even some of our original patented refrigerant-handling technology is over 20 years old!

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