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Can I Afford Geothermal?

You wouldn't have clicked here unless you had heard that geothermal heating and cooling systems are expensive. And you also wouldn't be on this site unless you wanted to explore whether geothermal heating and cooling could save you money in the long run. (And we hope you care about sustainable energy, too, but for now let's talk about affordability.)

Click here for a discussion on the economics of geothermal heating and cooling. The most important thing to know is that your up-front investment in geothermal can be financed, and the cost of financing is usually lower than your:

  • monthly savings due to significantly reduced energy use
  • annual savings due to reduced maintenance costs, and
  • lifetime savings due to the significantly longer life of geothermal.

How much can you save? Only a thorough energy audit of your home can help us understand that. And while we can't predict exactly how much energy you'll use, we believe we can say with confidence that you will use far less of it. More importantly, you'll use no fossil fuels at all. Do you know how much you'll be paying for natural gas in the future? (Or heating oil? Propane?) We don't either, but we believe it will be a lot, and we know the prospect frightens us enough to believe that geothermal systems make tremendous sense today.

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