Build by Design is a sustainable energy systems integrator with many years of research and implementation experience. We have been working with passive solar, photo-voltaic, solar thermal, wind and geo systems since the 1970s. Moreover, we have actually integrated them into project design and executing installations too.

So we are not new to the sustainable energy game; we have been involved for a very long time.

The CEO and founder of Build by Design, John Townsend, was taught in grade school that fossil fuels could be used up in our lifetime. This seemingly minor, inconsequential 3rd grade classroom comment struck a chord with John, and he came to believe that something needed to—and could—be done about it. From the very beginning of his design and building career environmentally-friendly solutions attracted and intrigued him.

He dove into researching and understanding the theory of the various earth-friendly technologies. But John is a hands-on guy; it was their application in practice that mattered to him most.

So for 30 years now the firm which evolved into Build by Design has focused on incorporating environmentally-friendly solutions into every project possible, learning all the while.

New understandings of the impact of global warming has only intensified Build By Design's commitment to finding those technologies that have the largest and most immediate impact on our carbon footprint and thus the earth.

We are not selling the dreams of tomorrow. Right now, today, you can implement real and affordable solutions to reduce your home's environmental impact. We think of ourselves as passionate advocates for improving the earth by designing and building environmentally-friendly yet comfortable and affordable solutions to living and work environments.

We don't think of what we do as a business. We think of it as a cause.

If you—like us—care about the earth and about your family's comfort, and want to understand how achieving both can be a financially responsible goal, read through this web site about our product and services, or better yet call us directly for a consultation.

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